A Life of Meaning

Posted by on Jul 9, 2013

Peter Swann

There is, in all of us, something that yearns for more. It’s not a desire we drum up or one that we force. On the contrary, it hounds us, pursues us… challenging us to live a life of meaning.free hosting no ads

On our own, the effort is futile. Many of us try, attempting great things in the name of God. But it’s us trying to do them on our own strength, and inevitably we run out – becoming, in the process, burned out and stressed out and in all things out.

God, instead, invites us to find that meaning in Him. It’s a warm, kind invitation. He is patient with us, ever loving toward us. He pursues us with diligence, eager for us to rest and trust. In our weakness, we find our strength in Him, and in our confusion, we wait for His clarity.

It’s all in the difference between attempting great things for God and attempting great things with God.

The power, then, is God’s power at work in and through us. It’s us fulfilling that yearning for meaning with allowing Him to define that meaning. That’s what makes all the difference.

The impact of Sister Effect’s ministry, then, isn’t found through the strength a group of humans can muster. It’s not defined ultimately by all the hard work or skilled strategy. It’s found instead in aligning our will with God’s will, in letting the impact be marked above all by the Spirit of God.

So as we love and serve the South Sudanese, we do it not solely out of an attempt to find a life of meaning. We do it because God makes our lives have meaning, 嘉盛 and in doing so, we invite others to join us in that meaning. We do it because rather than striving on our own, we rest in Him, and therein lies all the difference.

We all want to do great things for God. But nothing compares to Him doing great things through us. In that is our ultimate impact. And in that is our ultimate strength, clarity, peace, and yes, meaning.

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