Things We Never Pay For (or a Soap Rant)…

Posted by on Jul 24, 2012

So I’m thinking about things I haven’t paid for – or things that I got at such a bargain that I’ve lived to regret the purchase in the first place. Anyone else ever done that?film download

I’m thinking about the plastic, giveaway pen that snapped in half the first time I wrote with it. Or the little hard candy that glues my teeth together from the hair salon where I go twice a year.

But tonight it’s bars of soap that I’m contemplating (#staywithme).

Typical for me, I got the said soap on MAJOR sale about a month ago. We usually buy a certain kind – and yes, I pay a little more – but the grocery store was out, I was shopped out, and behold – there was this arsenal of soap, probably about 30 bars of it for like $10.00.

Feeling a little smug and empowered that I didn’t need my usual soap of choice which was never this cheap, I lugged the enormous carton into my basket. And that was that.

Or so I thought. Fast forward about three weeks and now I’m pretty sure the joke’s on me because out of the 30 or so bars of soap, maybe three or four are left. That’s it.

the growing – and infamous – pile of soaps…

No, we do not have small animals that snack on soap. Our kids don’t either.

Aha! But we do all take showers, although not 20 a day, and just after turning the water on tonight and noticing yet another bar down to a slippery paper-thin sheet, I reached for a fresh box and muttered to myself, “I guess you get what you pay for.”

I felt a little cranky that I was getting what I hadn’t paid for – robbed of soap. After all, I’d paid for 30 boxes, the soap was well-recognized and that many bars should have lasted more than a few weeks.

Then a small voice reminded me of something. Something really important.

There are a lot of things in this life that we get – and we pay nothing for them. They’re freely given by a God that doesn’t/didn’t bargain shop to get the cheapest price on getting people clean. Or protecting them and encouraging them. Or just staying nearby when everyone else leaves and things fall apart. God is like that. He sticks around long after the fun music stops…

And then there are a lot of things we pay exorbitant, unearthly prices for, things that seem to offer us the world – influence, status, wealth, etc. – and such things rob us in our deepest places. Such high prices take away the joy and meaning of what it is to be human and created for God’s pleasure.

So all of this from my annoyance with about 30ish bars of cheap soap. But I’m thankful. So grateful that we serve a God who freely gives what not one of us could ever afford. And so awed that there isn’t anyone – not anyone – who could pay for what our God has given us in the radiant life of His Son – a Son who is now letting us partner with His people on the other side of the globe to work together for hope, peace and healing.

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