‘Alongside’ is about walking out a journey together, side by side. It’s about thinking and believing and working and staying together – even when it’s hard. Maybe especially when it’s hard.

For Sister Effect, ‘alongside’ is about making our South Sudan sisters’ journeys part of ours. When we choose to walk alongside others, we change – and when someone comes alongside of us, we become stronger, bolder, more convinced than ever of our God’s loving care. It’s kind of that better together thing we so often talk about.

All along, we’ve felt this alongsideness in our relationships and work among South Sudan’s women and girls. But given the conflict and consequences of the last few months, coming alongside feels more personal than ever. It seems more urgent and uniquely essential than ever before.

Our Alongside emphasis isn’t a change in our mission or objectives. Rather, it’s an intention to continue doing most of what we’ve done all along in the most responsive and intuitive ways possible. Making adaptions for what’s happening on the ground, we’re continuing to meet human needs for clean water, health care, female economic opportunity and the care of orphans. The only change is we’re beginning new efforts to empower local women as peace leaders in their communities through peace education and gospel-centric conflict transformation processes. The hope for these is healing, forgiveness and reconciliation leading to unity and hope of a shared peaceful future.

Here’s how you can join us in coming alongside South Sudan’s women and girls as they face consequences of national insecurity, instability and armed conflict:

Pray – for a holistic peace to replace the conflict, violence and suffering. Pray that such peace would address the underlying causes and roots that have supported misunderstanding, grievances and direct violence. Pray that healing, forgiveness and reconciliation would occur among the many tribes of this nation.

Share – because the cost of conflict means even greater human need. Please consider donating $25, $50 or $100 that will go directly to medical needs, orphan care or peace training during this season. No amount is too small and fully 100% of your gift will be used to meet needs in South Sudan.

Do Your Thing – check out this link (link to do your thing), chat with friends and conspire to do something that’ll help our mutual ‘alongside’ work in South Sudan.