An Unstoppable Faith in a Faithful God

Posted by on Mar 1, 2013

Ashley BrusenhanOne of the things I’ve loved most about being involved with Sister Effect has been how everything, from our business plan to the actual hands-on work we do in South Sudan, is centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the root and foundation for all we do. It is not enough to meet physical needs and bring clean water, care for orphans and other physical needs without offering the True, Living Water, Jesus. He is who heals, meets our needs both physical and spiritual, and the only way one can be made fully whole and restored to God.

These last few months of being involved in Sister Effect has reminded me of Mark 2:1-12. This is an account of great surrender, faith and obedience. This is the testimony of four men bringing their paralyzed friend to Jesus to be healed. There are some beautiful truths to be seen throughout this scripture.

After seeing their friend suffer for so long, being paralyzed, they heard about a man who claimed to be the Son of God. They heard testimony after testimony of His healing power – and His power to forgive sins. As they absorbed each story, their faith grew stronger, leading us to where we find them in Mark 2. These men knew there was a physical need that could only be fully met by Jesus. They believed that He walked in a power that could only come from God. And they knew they had to get their friend to Him. Mark tells us that the four of them got together, placed their friend on a bed and carried Him to Jesus. When they arrived, they found there was no way to get to Jesus- there were crowds around Him making Him beyond reach.

But that wasn’t enough to hold them back. Their faith was bigger than the obstruction. They had to see Jesus. Then they realized they could lower him through the roof! They were willing to do whatever it took, willing to push through any obstacle to bring this friend to Jesus. As they lowered him through the roof, Jesus looks at them and because of their faith, this man’s sins were forgiven. In this moment, Jesus met this man’s greatest need…he covered the debt he could never pay. Then He takes it even further and heals this man physically. In one sentence, Jesus breathes life and healing into this man’s paralyzed bones, bringing them to life again. Immediately this man jumps up, picks up the very bed he was carried on and walks out of the door.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Wow! We serve the great Healer and Physician of our souls and physical needs.

My hope is that through Sister Effect, we will be like these four men. Their faith in Jesus was so strong that they were willing to push through anything to get their friend to Him. They knew there really was nothing they could do but be a means to point their friend to Jesus, who had the ultimate healing touch. Their faith was so stirred in them that it led them to action. And in an effort to meet their friend’s physical need, an even greater need was met- his soul was cleansed and covered as Jesus forgave his sins. As our faith is stirred up in us, moving us to action, let us come alongside our precious South Sudanese sisters and look together to Jesus in hopes that physical needs would be met. But even more that, let us pray that their spiritual needs would be met. In turn, may these beautiful women become living, walking testaments to the healing power of Jesus, both physically and spiritually.

Ashley Brusenhan serves on Sister Effect’s board and is the College Girls’ Director at Central Baptist Church in College Station, TX. She is founder and director of Intimacy (a college girls’ worship night) and serves on the Bryan/College Station prayer team for the non-profit Jesus Said Love.

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