Boy explains the culture for women and girls in S. Sudan

Posted by on Oct 1, 2012

A teacher named Marcellina speaks to Primary 7 boys about the division of work between girls and boys in the family. Marcellina teaches one of the boys’ older sisters in the local high school. She looks forward to being their teacher in secondary school in a couple of years, so she can teach them more about gender equality. Transcript as follows:

Marcellina: Boys don’t fetch the water?

Boy: shakes head

M: Only girls fetch the water.

Boy: Yes.

M: Yes. How about cooking… do you cook?film Alice Through the Looking Glass streaming?

Boy: No!

M: But when your mother is not here, who cooks?

Boy: My mother, and my sister.

M: Your sister, who?

Boy: Hellena (Athiei)

M: Hellena. And whenever your mother normally goes to Mading, when she goes– who cooks?

Boy: Hellena.

M: Hellena? How about when she has gone to school? When she has gone to school…

Boy: She come and cooks.

M: OK. She has to fetch the water, cook, and prepare everything in the house… ok?

Boy: Nods, calls out to school mate

M: Laughs

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