Cause and Effect

Posted by on May 17, 2012

College roommates Carolyn and Meredith started a small business about a year ago originally intending to bake cakes for different events. They tell us “it flopped, because we were both liberal arts majors and not business majors.” Post-graduation, they moved back to Houston separately but still loved to bake and cook together.  So they reinvented their business and decided on a slogan: ‘,’ with the intent of sharing proceeds from their baking to accomplishing cheap phentermine God’s work in the world. A month ago, the duo was asked to cater dinner for a small wedding.  They happily agreed with the intention of sharing a portion of their profits to help with Sister Effect’s efforts in bringing clean water to women and girls in South Sudan.  They tell us that they were thrilled to share and look forward to helping with Sister Effect events and projects in the future. We’re so thankful, ladies, for your enthusiasm and love for our sisters in South Sudan!


  1. Love this!! Thanks, Carolyn and Meredith!!

  2. 🙂 very cool!

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