Do Your Thing

Take Action – Do Your Thing

You can take action to bring healthier and safer lives to women and girls of South Sudan by undertaking a project, planning your own event or initiating a fundraising campaign.  As we’ve mentioned, the thing that you do may be very different than another sister’s thing.  That’s a good thing – and part of what makes the sister effect so much fun!

So here’s how to get started:


First, decide what you might like to do that would help raise funds and awareness.  Some ideas are below but your options are endless!


Think about whether you’d like to undertake a project, plan an event or facilitate a campaign that will raise a certain amount of money.  Each of these three commitments is different and includes varying amounts of time and people involved.


Put your plan into action.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.


Communicate to us (please!) the thing that you’re doing.  We’d love to feature your story alongside other sisters doing their things on our Sister Effect Community page.


Share your offerings with us.  Remember that 100% of your public donations will be directed to the work of your choice. If you don’t specify a particular area, we will distribute the funds among our various projects.


Fundraising is Fun!

Okay, check out some of these fundraising ideas below.  Remember to use your own interests and creativity; these are just to get you thinking!

Do you have a bakery, restaurant or other small business (or a friend who owns one)? Consider choosing a day or days to highlight the women and girls of South Sudan and then donate a percentage of the day’s earnings to the work of our partners. Advertise this to your customers to encourage a local culture of caring!

Love to walk or run?  Think about planning a 5K complete with fun t-shirts and rally that celebrates women and girls in South Sudan.  A bike-a-thon is another idea…
Like to create some of the awesome bags, shoes, baby clothes, candles, art, etc. that we see (and drool over) on Pinterest?  Consider getting a small group of like-minded friends together and selling your creations.

Enjoy baking?  Think about taking some special orders for cupcakes and cookies and then donating the proceeds.

Do you write, edit or do graphic design?  Think about taking on a special project and sharing your earnings.

Like to compose and record music?  Create an ep and share your talents with the world, the proceeds with us!

Do you and your friends have baby and toddler items that you’re not using anymore? Get together and sell them.

Enjoy photography?   Plan a themed gallery that celebrates life and those we love in photos.

Play the piano, guitar or teach swimming?  Think about teaching a few extra lessons.

Like to knit, crochet, make and sell jewelry?  Make some of your goods to sell and share the proceeds.

Organize a community or church garage sale that features women’s and girls’ clothing, books, children’s toys, baby clothes and items, etc.

Do you and your friends enjoy healthy cooking?  Create a beautiful community cookbook that includes an array of healthy and delicious recipes.  Include organic dishes, allergy-free recipes, healthy desserts and homemade baby food.  If possible and reasonable, add photos.  Sell your masterpieces, perhaps through your church’s women’s ministry?

Enlist local worship artists to donate their time for an evening of worship and casual hanging out with friends.  During the event, invite a Sudanese friend to share stories from South Sudan and highlight the particular needs of women and girls. Take up a collection at the end of the evening.

How about a ‘Going Without’ Campaign?  For a designated time, you and some of your sisters might encourage each other and those in your families and community to ‘go without’ morning coffee from Starbucks, lunch out, or whatever little luxuries that may be part of your daily routines.  Set aside the money that you would typically spend and at the end of your campaign, collect the funds and share them for work in South Sudan.