Give Clean Water

Help Drill Wells and Provide Hygiene Education

We usually don’t underestimate the power of safe, clean water because we mostly don’t think about it.  That’s becaGive Clean water for South Sudanuse we don’t have to.  We have such water in abundance here in our developed world – and unbroken access to it whenever we want or need it.

But truth is, water and life are inseparable.  Where there’s no water, life fades and dies.  When our human family doesn’t have access to clean water, otherwise preventable diseases, hunger and death will follow.

Throughout South Sudan, access to this basic natural resource is an exception rather than the norm.  More than half of the people in this nation are still drinking water collected from contaminated sources: standing puddles, polluted rivers, ponds and from compromised hand-dug wells.  Oftentimes, women and girls are the ones who undertake miles-long treks each day in search of water that’s tainted and oh-so-heavy to carry (around 50 pounds) back to their villages.

Something else:  Girls who spend their days fetching water often cannot attend school if one is available.

Access to safe water is a basic human right.  Our goal is to see that right realized in local communities throughout South Sudan.  Because when new wells are drilled:

  • Villages are healthier, especially infants and children.
  • Schools are more likely to emerge, and children, girls included, are better able to obtain an education
  • Local development and economic opportunity ensue.

One more thing:  Sister Effect’s partnering team not only drills wells in South Sudan.  Together, we work to equip indigenous leaders, who in turn offer important hygiene training that helps communities optimize the benefits of clean water and reduce the incidence of preventable diseases.

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink…” Matthew 25:35