“Hallelulah!”: Missions is a Glory Issue…

Posted by on May 27, 2013

“Hallelulah!” belted our then three-year-old son, Timothy. “Hallelulah!” Bouncing around our house, he kept offering his “Hallelulah”s up in song. I couldn’t bring myself to correct his pronunciation – I was too enthralled by the worship of our little guy. We were created for worship, and our son was just fulfilling his intended purpose…

Peter SwannScripture is clear on this. Isaiah 43 and 60 record our Lord telling the Israelites that they were made for His glory. In Ephesians 1, Paul speaks of how we are saved for His glory. And 1 Corinthians 10:31 states that all we do should be for His glory. This is why we are here, to bring our Lord glory in our existence, allegiance, and actions. All that flows from us is to be for His glory, honor, and praise.

This drives the work of Sister Effect in South Sudan. Like the rest of life, missions is a glory issue. Contrary to how we often live, worship never truly terminates on ourselves. And in South Sudan, like in the States, much seems to compete for our worship. Whether our idols are physical or immaterial, they often dictate our lives as our points of true allegiance.

Yet this steals, and redirects, the glory due our Lord. It the chief issue of global humanity. It affects our very existence, our created purpose, and the meaning in our lives. And the more we love Jesus, the more this gets to us. Because the more we love Jesus, the more we long for our every action to bring Him glory. And the more we love Jesus, the more we long for others to love Him, and worship Him, with us.

So in the end, it’s worship that drives missions. This is why Sister Effect exists, to “catalyze lifestyles of worship.” That genesis of the mission statement leads to all else, strategically and intentionally bringing impact to community after community in South Sudan.

It’s a deep privilege and honor to see all that God is doing through Sister Effect. So many are living out their intended purposes – and lives of worship here are nurturing lives of worship there.

This leads me to say with my son, Timothy, “Hallelulah!” For our God is a great God, and at work in powerful ways. “Hallelulah” to His Great Name!

~ by Peter Swann

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