Health Effect Challenge

The Health Effect – Give Better Health…

Female life in South Sudan is challenging for even the healthiest of women and girls.  This new nation has little infrastructure and few social systems that help meet basic needs like clean water, education and health care.  Unfortunately, this lack of health care has translated into South Sudan having among the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world.

During our Health Effect Challenge, we’ll be highlighting the work of our health partner, In Deed and Truth, and inviting our sisters (and brothers) to do their thing to help bring better health to women and  girls in South Sudan.  All proceeds from Health Effect will be used to purchase basic health care supplies that help operate the local clinic in Tonj City.  Some of these items include:

Safe birthing kits – Many pregnant women and girls walk miles to our partner’s clinic in Tonj.  Depending on weather, progression of labor and other factors, they may not return to the clinic when it comes to deliver their baby.  By offering basic education along with safer birthing kits containing supplies like rubber gloves, a razor blade, clean string and plastic sheeting, a bar of soap, a blanket and a plastic bag, a home birth is made much safer and risks of infection are minimized. The cost of these kits is just a few dollars!

Medicine – Our partner’s clinic is staffed by local health and community workers along with a doctor, nurse, midwife and visiting medical staff.  When necessary, they administer life-saving medicine to treat malaria, diarrhea, upper respiratory infections and other illnesses.  Therefore, having appropriate medicine on hand is infinitely important!

Basic Clinic Supplies – Items like thermometers, sterile syringes, bandages, tape and gloves are everyday items that keep the clinic running.  So, too, are neonatal and antenatal supplies like dopplers that read a fetal heartbeat, special warming blankets that don’t require electricity.

We’re so excited about our Health Effect Challenge because we know that healthier lives mean more joyful and productive lives and communities. What’s so encouraging is every effort or step toward attaining better female health in South Sudan can make an enormous difference.  A Saturday morning bake sale or garage sale, a Sunday afternoon car wash – all of these ways of doing your thing can help make strides in bringing better health to our sisters in South Sudan.