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Meet Ihisha John

Meet Ihisha John of HFS

Years of war have left more than a million orphaned children in Sudan. Besides this, the ongoing attacks near South Sudan’s borders by Sudan’s northern government keep the orphan count increasing each day. During our Hope Effect Challenge, Sister Effect has a simple objective. We will come alongside the work of Make Way Partners (MWP) to help bring safety, hope and opportunity to the orphaned children of Moti village in South Sudan. Moti is in Eastern Equatoria State and is located near the northern border of Uganda. In this area, children are at high risk to slavery and conscription from the northern Sudanese government-funded Lord’s Resistance Army that operates out of Uganda and Sudan.

For the next 40 days we’ll be sharing stories from Hope for Sudan (HFS), which is Make Way Partner’s indigenously led orphanage. Through HFS, more than 80 orphaned children receive:


Team playing with children

HFS children and team playing together

Education – each school age child attends HFS’s on-site school

Safe housingchildren of HFS are protected from local rebel activity/soldier conscription, wild animals and South Sudan’s harsh elements

Medical carean on-site and indigenously operated clinic supports the orphanage and the local community

Nutritious foodan ambitious farming project is underway so that locally and sustainably produced food replaces the need for less reliable foreign sources

Continual spiritual and emotional carethe children of HFS are growing in an environment where Christ’s love and reconciliation are practiced and encouraged

Romano, director of HFS with children

HFS director Romano loves the children!

We’re so thankful to be partnering with Make Way. We treasure this organization’s commitment to proactive, Christ-centered care of South Sudan’s most vulnerable population. We know that many social justice-minded efforts focus on exposing or interrupting human trafficking systems. This is so important and necessary. But by addressing those injustices that feed and sustain such structures, we can also help prevent patterns that lead to this tragedy. For instance, by ensuring that orphaned children like those of HFS are offered safe housing and growth opportunities, migration patterns are minimized. Thus, so are chances of abduction and enslavement. At the same time, safer and more stable communities are established – and filled with local civilians who are equipped to lead the next generation in rebuilding South Sudan.

A sunset at HFS

A sunset at HFS

We’re excited about introducing you to some of those serving at HFS along with stories of the precious children living there. And since HFS needs to continue expanding so that children find safety from conflict and abduction, we’ll be sharing ways that you can offer hope to these little ones.

Remember: 100% of donations that we receive from Hope Effect will be directed to orphan care and prevention of trafficking in South Sudan.

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