How We’re Different

Sister Effect isn’t just about your donations, it’s not all about raising money.  We want your life to be changed for having entered into relationship with our community.  We want you to know God more deeply, to somehow love Him differently for having known us.

We believe in the power of human capital that’s born from renewable spiritual resources.  That just means we’re convinced that following God gives us limitless strength, ingenuity and compassion as we partner with and help empower our sisters in South Sudan. It also means that we’re convinced that our grassroots efforts, our personal investment in the lives of women and girls can be life-changing – as much for us as for them. You see, something moves inside of us when we spend ourselves and not just our available resources on behalf of those who are oppressed and suffering injustice. Something in us shifts as we realize that, yes, our efforts may be somewhat helpful.  But in the process, we’re being helped too.  God is changing us and the way that we see Him and our responsibility to the world that we live in. And from this, we begin to better understand what Jesus said about losing your life – and then finding it all over again.  We begin to see that our offerings and endeavors are incomparable privileges that deeply unite us with those we’re serving alongside of and with the Christ Himself.

“For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it…” Matthew 16:25