I’m a Business/Corporate Person!


1. Research and read about South Sudan to educate yourself on its history, current events and how you can get involved.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-14095300 – Timeline of Sudan and South Sudan http://www.waterforsouthsudan.org/ (clean water) http://www.waterisbasic.org/ (clean water) http://www.makewaypartners.org/anti-trafficking-network.html (orphan care and human trafficking) http://www.makewaypartners.org/HFS.html (orphan care and human trafficking)

http://www.savethechildren.org/site/c.8rKLIXMGIpI4E/b.6149699/k.B848/Africa.htm (choose South Sudan for history and human needs)

http://www.icarda.org/docrep/RReports/Poverty_assessment/2_Southern_Sudan.pdf (South Sudan history and current assessment pdf)

http://www.international-alert.org/sites/default/files/publications/201202SouthSudanLoRes_FINAL.pdf (comprehensive peace in South Sudan pdf)

http://www.seedeffect.org/ (economic opportunity)

2. Watch Videos*

 *The videos cited above are for informational perusal only. They do not always represent the opinions of Sister Effect and may contain some material that does not reflect complete information up to the year 2012.

3. Sign up for email updates from Sister Effect to stay informed about current issues and opportunities in South Sudan

4. Seek out additional books, business/economic journals and periodicals that offer information about about South Sudan.

Also feel free to contact the Sister Effect team at bettertogether@sistereffect.org.


1. Consider how you can raise awareness about South Sudan at your place of work and how you can talk to your colleagues about what might collaboratively be done to holistically improve female life in South Sudan.  Don’t hesitate to communicate that much of Sister Effect’s mission and work aligns with the United Nations Millennium Goals.  Many corporations and smaller businesses are eager to help participate in this global agenda-goal of reducing extreme poverty.

2. Brainstorm ways that your business can use its influence in the community by practicing voluntary corporate social responsibility measures via hosting and/or underwriting special events, ongoing emphases and committing to improving female life and gender equality in South Sudan.

Take Action:

1. Communicate with your corporate management team before collaborating with colleagues in determining how to best combine your company’s influence, employee skill-sets and interests to address female need in South Sudan.  Consider using your business network to raise awareness of the plight in South Sudan.  For instance, you may choose to plan and host a 5K or other special event in the local community that focuses on  female life – and need – in places like South Sudan.  This offers both the local and business community an opportunity to get involved in something doable and tangible (see Sample Event – 5K for details).

2. Consider donating a designated portion of corporate profits to Sister Effect to help in South Sudan.  This could be an ongoing or one-time commitment.  For instance, if you own a local restaurant or bakery, you may want to offer information and photos (which Sister Effect can provide) about female life in South Sudan with the intent of having a day or series of days where a portion of patron purchases will be donated to an emphasis of your business’ choice (clean water, female health, economic opportunity, orphan care).   This helps promote your company as a caring corporate citizen (even if you do not work in South Sudan) while directly impacting female life in South Sudan.

3. If your business has a platform with the public, consider using that to share the story of South Sudan and to mobilize people to help.

4. Donate your personal business skills and services to work in South Sudan or to help organizations that are working to improve conditions there.


1. Consider posting pictures and stories about female life in South Sudan and how your organization “did their thing” on your company website.

2. Send pictures and descriptions of you and your company “doing your thing” to Sister Effect.  We’re thankful for you and would love to share your story!  Our hope is that our growing community of sisters will help support your business as you come alongside of our efforts in South Sudan.