If You Lived in S. Sudan

If you’re female and you lived in South Sudan…

You would spend a lot of each day fetching firewood and water (that isn’t clean)

You would typically eat just once a day

You would be needed at home so if a village school exists, you probably wouldn’t attend…

if you lived in South Sudan photoYou most likely would not be able to read or write

You would be subject to sexual violence and you could expect physical abuse in marriage

You would not have the same value as your brothers

You would have a lot of brothers and sisters if your dad had multiple wives

You might live with several other women if your husband takes other wives

if you lived in South SudanYou would likely be married as a young teenager

You might have a baby before you’re 16

You would have a 1 in 7 chance of dying in childbirth

You would have an average of seven pregnancies in your lifetime, but should you have all live births, one of your seven children would likely die before her fifth birthday

You would live in a small mud hut called a tukul and cook meals over an open fire

You would have no electricity, running water and only minimal access to health care