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Meet Jillian. Still a couple inches shy of five feet, this eleven year-old dynamo is one of our greatest champions for female life change in South Sudan.

jilli-700The busy fifth grader totes around a notebook of ideas, which she regularly tries out. From saving up her allowance to advocating the story of women and girls at her school (and then in after-school group) to putting together weekend garage sales with her mom, Jilli has embraced “doing her thing” in ways that keep bringing change to South Sudan – and to the community of people who know and love her!

More than five years ago, Jilli’s mom began sharing with her about the people of South Sudan. She explained just how much the people there were like the people Jillian knew. These friends lived far away, but the children there liked to play and have fun like Jilli did. They liked to eat when they were hungry, sleep when they grew tired – and they loved to learn new things.garage-sale-money

But Jilli’s mom explained some other things to her, some things that evoked a passion for both justice and deep compassion. When Jillian learned that girls like her often spent days helping collect water instead of going to school if one was available, she felt sad. But when she learned the water they collected was often dirty and caused children and families to get sick, Jilli wasn’t just sad. She was inspired to help. And she also wanted to help bring better health to communities without access to medical care and small business opportunities to women in local villages viagra generique ligne.

So she got busy.

And she’s stayed busy, continually coming up with imaginative ventures that share the story of female life in South Sudan and benefit the work of developing communities. Jilli explains it’s something she and her mom like to do together, and a glance at her frayed-about-the-edges notebook suggests she’s got more plans in the works – all kinds of ideas, she says, that are fun and hopefully helpful to women and girls in South Sudan.garage-sale-3

We’re so thankful, Jilli! You’re an amazing girl with an enormous heart and dazzling mind – both of which you’re always using to share God’s love and grace with others. We love you and thank God for the treasure of your life and friendship.

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