Joining Hearts and Hands

Posted by on Apr 14, 2012

It’s hard to believe that we’re on the brink of launching Sister Effect!  So much has happened to get us to this place, so many things that had to fall into line, little by little.

But beyond the excitement of kicking things off is this weighted joy, this constant anticipation that something really good is about to begin and we have this matchless privilege of being part of it.

The thing is, we truly love the people of South Sudan.  Some of us are southern Sudanese so the work that we’ll do resonates at even deeper places in us.  Others of us have lived in the developed world our whole lives and though we’ve not experienced the scourge of extreme poverty, war and its seemingly infinite consequences, we care.  We care that this land and its people heal and that justice and peace fuse into a reality that brings lasting hope and opportunity for this whole nation.

But in particular, we wanted to focus our efforts on women and girls.  Not because we don’t value men and boys and not because our work will exclude them – because it won’t.  But since we’re a group of girl friends, and since the female need in South Sudan is staggering, we wanted to be helpful to these beautiful ‘sisters’ of ours.  We wanted to start living our faith out by doing things that came natural to us – and then sharing proceeds of our efforts to help women and girls in South Sudan lift themselves out of poverty.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Faith is a curious thing; it stretches wider, deeper and into dazzling color when we act on it.  And yet when we simply accumulate knowledge of it, our faith remains like a little seed, ready to become all it’s intended to be, yet presently confined to its small, innocuous shape.

Through our work in the years ahead, we’re imploring God to bring miraculous change to our sisters in South Sudan as He transforms our own lives into living messages of hope, peace and good news to others.  We aim, by grace, to do our part in making our faith action-oriented, kinesthetic, if you will.

To be sure, we don’t have this all figured out and we’re still not sure how a lot of this will work.  But since we believe that God has created us to be better together, and since we believe that women and girls are key to South Sudan’s future, we’re joining our hearts and hands for what we think may become the journey of a lifetime.  And we’re so hoping that you’ll join us.  www.sistereffect.org70 Days to Clean Water

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  1. Please keep me informed about your local activities and events. I am excited about this work and want to help any way that I can.

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