Just Do It – Faith is Kinesthetic!

We thought it would be good to talk about this because sometimes talk of faith is a lot of what we do and maybe a little less of what we allow ourselves to become.

It’s not that we don’t mean well and it’s not because we’re not serious about knowing and following God.  Because we usually are.  But sometimes we get into this habit of learning all sorts of amazing things about the nature and character of God.  We go to Bible study and church.  We muse on those things He’s done and laud the life and ministry of His Son, Jesus.

Then we get busy just trying to live good lives and keep our heads above water.  And it’s here that we can sometimes (unintentionally) miss out on something really important.

God talks a lot about taking action in His Word and He talks a lot about the poor (in fact, more than 2,100 mentions).  But mostly when He does so, He’s pointing His finger toward us, inviting us to do something about it because we’re Plan A.   Think about it:  We’re told that God loved the world so much that He sent His unique Son, Jesus, to heal the breach between the world and Himself.

So we’re thinking that since love moved God to send Jesus and Jesus’ life offering is what reconnects us to God, this love as action-motion thing will mean that what we hear and believe about God should become obvious by how we live our lives.

So we’re suggesting that our faith is intended to be kinesthetic.

Just as exercise helps transform our physical bodies, practicing our faith by investing in our world’s poorest people strengthens and reshapes our spirits in unimaginable ways.  As we do the sometimes-hard things that God shows us to do, we grow stronger, tighter – and the world around us gets a better glimpse of Jesus and why He’s worth following.

So as you think about this life-as-faith and faith-as-life synthesis, we hope you’ll consider the work of Sister Effect as one of the ways you can stretch your faith into action and new life.

“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” James 1:22