66 Days and Counting – Little Sister Aims for ‘Fair’

Posted by on May 7, 2012

a letter to Sister Effect from South SudanWe’ve absolutely loved hearing from so many of you! The contagious enthusiasm and encouraging notes, the great ideas and suggestions, have totally blessed and overwhelmed us. Already we’re thanking God for our community of beautiful sisters here.

But it’s the inspiring story of one little sister that we thought you’d enjoy reading about this Monday morning.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Third-grader Jillian has been learning the story of South Sudan for the past several months. This energetic nine-year old takes every opportunity to ask questions about the new nation of South Sudan. She loves learning about the culture there and about the many different tribes. She asks countless questions about why Sudan’s North and South are no longer connected and why unfair things have happened to the people in both Sudans.

But mostly little Jillian just wants to know how she can help. Mostly she thinks about ways that southern Sudanese children her own age might be able to have clean water and food and go to school. When asked why she wants to help, she tells us that things aren’t ‘fair’ there. And things should be fair for little kids. She also says (see her flyer) that since God gave us His Son, we could offer our time and donations to help effect change.download full movie Guardians 2017

Last week, Jilli’s mom was in a meeting and Jilli sat outside her office and drew this picture. No one helped her. No one encouraged her to make her special flyer. She did it on her own and told some of us that she was going to hand draw some more of these.

Our little sister, Jillian, is still deciding how she wants to do her thing for Sister Effect’s 70 Day Water Challenge. But she’s definitely planning on doing something and she doesn’t just think that her contribution will be important.

She knows it will. We love you, sweet Jillian, and we’re so proud and grateful to have you as part of our community!

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