Love Moves


We really hope you enjoy “Love Moves” as much as we love hearing it – and even more – trying to live out what it means to be perpetually moved by love. Attempting to take action always with love in mind is a tall order; we’re just thankful it was-is a God idea. That means He’s likely to show up and help us figure and flesh it out…

This song was a part of a conversation from early 2011. It followed Lizi Bailey on her trip that our first team took to South Sudan during the spring of that year.

And as these thought-threads wound together in Lizi’s mind, “Love Moves” became the song that has become the heartbeat of Sister Effect’s work, the basis for everything we do.

We truly want love to mean so much more than spoken or written words.

We want it to look like women and girls connecting at the deepest level humanly possible – sharing life, community, stories – and common Jesus-centered mission. And from this authentic love, we’re believing with everything in us that we’ll invest our lives in creative and generous ways that help empower women and girls of South Sudan to transform their nation.

So we’re dreaming big here.

But we serve an enormous God, a Creator who has designed love to move us in ways that both stretch and permit us to live out what is otherwise impossible…

“Love Moves” written by Lizi Bailey
Video produced by Craig Weaver