Meet Amuna Margret

Posted by on Mar 12, 2013


Amuna Margret

Life is full and challenging for Amuna Margret. The thirty-five year-old mother of seven lives in rural Nimule where she cares for her children and two extended family members. She was formerly married, but her husband took a second wife and became abusive to Amuna shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in South Sudan.

With a large family to care for, Amuna began collecting stones to sell in the local market. Once she’d amassed $150, she moved on to selling greens, an endeavor that yielded meager, but slightly better, results. Determined, Amuna persisted, and when a friend suggested she check out possibilities for a small business loan through Seed Effect, she agreed. Shortly after, she took her first loan and added to her business by purchasing more rice and sugar. With her second loan, she bought beans and cooking oil.

Amuna has managed her business well. She’s used her profits to enroll five of her children in primary school. She cares financially for her family of eight and for two others in her extended community. In January of this year, Amuna trusted Jesus Christ as Saviour and has joined a discipleship group hosted by local Seed Effect community workers in Nimule. When asked about the changes in her life, Amuna says she is grateful for the many improvements and thankful she can now care for her family. Further, she explains that as her husband has witnessed her strength, determination and success, their relationship has changed.

Amuna looks forward to expanding her business and adding a storeroom for goods and materials.

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