Meet Margaret Dradru

Posted by on Mar 18, 2013

Margaret proudly offers a tour of her storage shed full of bananas, eggs, and fruit – and she points out the little goat bought with profits from her business. But she’s quick to mention that it’s God who has made her able to care for her family and provide what she and her eight children need. After all, the smiling 53 year-old reminds us, life in South Sudan has many challenges, and her story is complicated.

Inside her little home, Margaret explains that AIDS claimed her first husband in 1997 – and she has been living HIV-positive for the past 23 years. This is bold admission in a nation where suspicion, superstition and stigma still surround this illness. But, she continues, a bout with sickness and the ensuing HIV diagnosis in an Arua hospital (Arua is located in northern Uganda) is what led to a job offer to work at the facility where she began sharing God’s story of love and redemption with those around her.

Margaret loved her work but her earnings weren’t enough to care for her seven children. In 2009, she remarried and the couple had a child then moved to South Sudan’s Nimule. When she visited a rare hospital in Nimule to check her HIV status, Margaret was offered another job counseling and encouraging others with HIV. Thrilled that God had provided this ministry for her, she accepted but knew that the tiny wages would mean additional income was necessary to care for her family of ten.

After few months in Nimule, Margaret heard about the possibility of having a small business loan. Soon she took her first Seed Effect loan and began a small agricultural endeavor. Managing her business well, she repaid her loan and took a second one. Gesturing toward her storage shed, the mother of eight says she thanks God for the opportunities her business has afforded – school tuition for BlueHost优惠码 her children, better health care for her family and the recovery of her own health. She continues her ministry at the hospital and enjoys a discipleship group facilitated by local Seed Effect workers. Smiling, Margaret says she loves that her group begins with prayer and has teachings on health, personal hygiene, and business with topics such as customer care and selling a variety of products.

Please join us in praying for Margaret and her family. We’re asking God to continue empowering her to provide for her children and to use Margaret to reveal His love and provision to others. We’re also praying that He would continue using Seed Effect to help women like Margaret overcome poverty and become leaders in their local communities.

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