Our Team

We’re a group of friends who believe that we’re better together.

We’re convinced that anything is possible with God, that faith is meant to transform our lives and the lives of others in exceptional ways.  We believe that when women and girls unite, the power and strength of our sisterhood is boundless; our collaborative work can help heal the world as it changes us.

We’re a group of friends who believe in the dignity and worth of every human being. We love the women and girls of South Sudan (some of us are southern Sudanese!) and believe that these sisters of ours are pivotal to this nation’s restoration, its lasting peace.  Once empowered, they will help lift their country from extreme poverty to a nation that shines as a beacon of hope for all-Africa.

Finally, we’re a diverse community of moms, wives, students, writers and peace workers, worship artists and public health consultants, professionals, etc. that longs to see God use the sister effect to do unprecedented things in the life of every woman and girl it touches.

And we’re hoping you’ll join us.