Refusing to Do Nothing…

Posted by on Feb 5, 2013

Contributor: Betsy

Contributor: Betsy

When I read about what life is like for women in South Sudan, I can barely make sense of it. Some of the statistics that I read seem too horrific, too awful to be real. I’m afraid that if I really allow myself to comprehend the truth behind the numbers, it will overwhelm me. I will feel paralyzed by the enormity of it full Raw moviefree hosting no ads

Do one in four newborns really die before reaching the age of five? How can it be that a place exists where something so devastating has become so commonplace? I’m tempted to think (if I am honest with myself) that it must feel different there, that tragedy must be expected… anticipated… and that must make it more tolerable somehow. I tell myself the people must be different kinds of humans there — the kind who can bury children and still be okay. But, the truth that I know, when I look at their faces and think about their lives, is that they’re the same kind of human as me—the kind made in the image of God. The kind who love and are loved. The kind who experience both inexpressible joy and unimaginable grief. So fully human. And when one of their precious children dies, they feel it all the way down to their The Shack movie

So, if there is something I can do, something that runs even a small chance of saving a life there – or simply helping make life better and safer – I think that I should.

I should let myself feel the overwhelming sorrow that this statistic warrants.
I should care.
I should refuse to do nothing.

So that’s my plan. Will you join me?


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