Seed Effect Challenge

seedeffect_marketplaceIn South Sudan, economic opportunity is the exception rather than the norm. Following years of war and conflict, this new country’s infrastructure is just now evolving; its economy is among the world’s most underdeveloped. The good news is change is happening and communities are making strides to eliminate poverty through local efforts backed by simple investments.

During our Seed Effect Challenge, Sister Effect invites our sisters to help offer economic opportunity by way of microloans that will be disbursed to female entrepreneurs in South Sudan’s Nimule and Kajo Keji regions. In the weeks ahead, you’ll be meeting South Sudanese sisters as we come alongside of the work of Seed Effect, a Christ-centered, nonprofit organization that provides access to microloans, education, and spiritual discipleship to women and girls in South Sudan and beyond.

These microloans, many as small as a week’s worth of your morning Starbucks lattes, are transforming female life in South Sudan. That’s because each loan is a ‘seed’ that lets a new entrepreneur invest in a local business.


But along with the loan, relationships are formed and these women enter into loving community, accountability, educational opportunities and an understanding of God’s love for them. Lives are changed as women become able to provide food, clean water, school fees, and healthcare for their families. And with the interest earned from loan repayment, a new ‘seed’ loan is issued to another entrepreneur. So while the seed effect is simple – beginning with a life, a small loan that becomes ‘seeds’ planted and then replanted to overcome poverty – it relies on giving to keep the cycle going. Will you join us these next weeks in sharing such life-transforming seeds in South Sudan?

*100% of proceeds from our Seed Effect Challenge will go to female loan disbursements in South Sudan.