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OneTribe – People Building Peace

image001We believe lasting peace is the way forward for the people of South Sudan.

Local people must be equipped to etch out, own and practice a God-centered peace they can grow from the grassroots-up.

Through OneTribe radio broadcasts, we’re committed to empowering the South Sudanese people to grasp and begin building local peace, a peace that means wholeness and well-being leading to unity between people and communities.

In village classrooms, OneTribe is adapted into peace education that looks like students exploring the meaning of peace and transforming conflict in interactive and relevant ways.  Other topics include forgiveness, reconciliation, gender equality, human rights, trauma healing and more.


Years of war have created the absence of national identity and unity. Through the implementation of OneTribe radio broadcasts and classroom curriculum, Sister Effect provides peace training with the goal of people building their own peace.

OneTribe skits are recorded using the voices of local people and skits are preloaded onto solar-powered, hand-held radios distributed in local villages and surrounding refugee camps.