South Sudan: A Prayer for Peace

Posted by on Dec 23, 2013

Our Beloved Community,

First, thank you for the outpouring of concern you’ve shown regarding the current conflict in South Sudan. Your inquiring emails, calls and messages have been beautiful reminders that we really are a human family – and God’s love in us moves us to deeply care for the suffering of others. I’m so grateful for this.

As I write, South Sudan is, in fact, conflicted and aspects of the clashings have escalated in some of the nation’s states. Unfortunately, shifts in this region have long-occurred, especially prior to the formal end of civil war in 2005 between Sudan and what became South Sudan in 2011. The violence you’re hearing about has deep history and context – and it’s our heartfelt prayer that a holistic solution and formal steps toward a more comprehensive peace will soon make a lasting end to the conflict. Meanwhile, we grieve with and for those impacted by this situation.

The current clashing began less than two weeks ago when what is speculated as an attempted coup occurred in South Sudan’s capital city of Juba. Thought to be fueled by existing and unaddressed ethnic tensions, and further intensified by deteriorating economic conditions, violence erupted and has continued to spread, in particular, along the nation’s two major tribes. Casualties have occurred and thousands of civilians have been displaced, many being sheltered by U.N. presence in the country. The South Sudan regions where Sister Effect serves by way of local partnerships have, fortunately, not been affected, and work in these areas continue.

As we prepare this week to celebrate the birth and life of God’s greatest gift to mankind, let us join in praying for the lasting peace and reconciliation Christ offers – both to us and to those we love in South Sudan. Please pray wisdom and guidance for those leading peace efforts. Pray for conflicting parties’ hearts and minds to be receptive to transcendent ways of transforming conflict. Pray for ceasing of violence throughout the country and for national healing along ethnic lines. Pray for stability in South Sudan and protection of the nation’s people.

Again, thank you again for caring and for being on this journey with us. It’s a privilege to partner with you as we together come alongside of those we dearly love in South Sudan.

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