Staci Roth, women’s ministry director

Posted by on Apr 13, 2012

Staci RothStaci loves to shop – and she enjoys buying off-season for best prices!  So when she heard about health care and clean water needs of south Sudanese women and girls, she came up with a plan to sell specialty items that she had purchased last season at her church’s Christmas market boutique. “The decision to ‘do my thing’ was easy,” Staci says. “I took something that I enjoy doing and I used it as a chance to try and help with work in South Sudan.”  Staci’s contribution went to giving better female health because “the situation of women and girls there really hit home for me; I’m a woman, a mom of daughters, and a follower of Jesus – and all added up, I knew that my caring needed to translate into action.”   Thank you, Staci, for your precious heart and creativity!  We’re grateful for Despicable Me 3free hosting no ads

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