The t Factor

What is the t factor and what does it have to do with the work of Sister Effect?

Put simply, the t factor is short for our commitment to following the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in all of our endeavors (the t represents the cross).  We believe that this brief but glorious life on earth is an opportunity to know and love God in ways that help make our world a better and more beautiful place.  We want to use our hours and days in meaningful ways; thus, all of our work will be accomplished through actions that communicate the love and mission of Christ to those we are serving.

Does this mean that Sister Effect serves only Christian communities in South Sudan?

Absolutely not!  Our goal is to serve communities in need of rebuilding and encouragement.  Our aim is to come alongside of women and girls, regardless of their beliefs.  As we work alongside of these sisters, we will offer practical efforts that empower – and we hope to accomplish this in the context of a loving and generous Christian worldview.

Why a Christian worldview?

We think Jesus is worth following.  We love His commitment to the poor and marginalized and to healing and hope – both in the here and now and for eternity. We cherish His instructions that remind us of our personal responsibility to work for justice, peace and compassion.  We believe that the Christ offers good news and hope for the human family the world over.  Our aim is to share that hope by choosing actions and words that communicate love, trust and healing in places where it’s most needed.

Throughout history, Christianity has done a lot of harm … isn’t Sister Effect aligning with a prejudiced position?

Throughout human history, it’s undeniable that harm has been done by those who claim the name of Christ. Yet the inverse is also true; disciples of Jesus have also worked for, and accomplished, majestic good (we could list both the evils and the kudos, but we figure this isn’t the place).  Our thought on this is straightforward:  the actions of those who claim faith – any faith – may or may not best reflect the meaning and objectives of that faith.  This said, we’re hoping to live out our faith in such a way that the world around us – especially our sisters in South Sudan – finds us authentic, generous and without hypocrisy.

We think Jesus is worth emulating and His message and mission invites everyone in the human family toward redemption and lasting hope.

As to a prejudiced position, it sort of goes back to this:  We think Jesus is worth emulating and His message and mission invites everyone in the human family toward redemption and lasting hope. Since no one is excluded, and the dignity and worth of all are affirmed, we’re excited to be approaching our work in ways reminiscent of Christ’s exceptional grace and integrity.