Thinking about Mom

Posted by on May 12, 2012

What’s your favorite memory of your Mom, or maybe your first memory of her?  What’s something she passed on to you? Leave a comment, a thought, or a poem about your Mom below. We’d love to hear your thoughts on Mom this Mother’s Day weekend.

~ the Sister Effect team


  1. “Burgundy Shoes”

    We wait for the bus that’s going to Bangor
    In my plaid dress and burgundy shoes
    In your red lipstick and lilac kercheif
    You’re the most pretty lady in the world

    The bus driver smiles, a dime and a nickel
    We climb on our seats, the vinyl is cold
    “Michelle ma belle”, the song that you loved then
    You hold my hand and sing to yourself
    Sun sun
    Sun sun
    Sun sun sun sun

    Sun sun sun sun
    Sun sun sun sun

    The leaves are green and new like a baby
    Tulips are red, now I don’t miss the snow
    It’s the first day I don’t wear my big boots
    You hold my hand, I’ve got burgundy shoes
    Burgundy shoes, burgundy shoes

    • Wow! Love that, Audra and miss you!!

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