Today’s the Day and We Begin with Water…

Posted by on May 3, 2012

So today’s the day. Sister Effect is officially launched and we couldn’t be any more grateful or excited about what’s ahead!

You’ll notice that we’ve kicked things off with the 70 Day Water Effect Challenge. That’s because water is basic to life – and life for women and girls in South Sudan is complicated by lack of this natural resource and the perpetual quest to secure it (see 70 days to clean water).

We know that proceeds from our Water Effect Challenge won’t yield clean drinking water for every village in South Sudan. More than half of this new nation still lacks access to potable water. But the good news is we can all do something – and we can rest assured that no effort or offering is too small. Added together, our individual actions and gifts accumulate; they fuse and merge into something powerful enough to effect deep and lasting change!

So our hope is that you’ll consider how you can help us reach the goal of bringing one new well to our sisters in South Sudan (check out Do Your Thing for some ideas – or better yet, come up with your own plan). In the days ahead, we’ll be sharing more about women and girls in the Tonj, South Sudan area and some short stories about women and water in South Sudan. We’d also love to share vignettes of how you’re getting involved and taking action. So please Facebook or email us at and tell us what’s on your mind and what you’re doing to help bring clean water to our sisters in South Sudan!

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