Vision Trips

South Sudan is a land of all things intense.  Fiery sunsets streak the ends of the earth before night swathes the world black and silver-shiny – stars glittering everywhere.  Days are long, the air starched, landscape sometimes cringing in the heat, sometimes more vivid and verdant than words can express. Sunset in South SudanThe human need in this country is often overwhelming, but the people – the beautiful and indescribably gracious people – make this land of thin margins somehow feel like a home that you never knew existed.

It will be a privilege for us to take a number of vision trips to South Sudan each year. In so doing, our goal will be to help meet human needs, offer support and encouragement to our partners and to seek God’s direction in learning new ways we can serve.

Please know that accommodations in South Sudan may look like sleeping in tents or mud huts (called tukuls).  Your cell phone probably won’t work, you’ll eat food cooked over open fires and you’ll be without electricity and traditional showers.  This said, also know that these trips may irrevocably change your life.  One of our team members put it like this:

“I was committed to work in South Sudan long before I ever went.  But being there – feeling the sun’s heat as I cradled a naked baby, hearing sounds of a village rising at dawn, breathing in dusty air with 1000 scents – and the faces, the endless smiling faces…it reminded me of the verse where God is finally done talking to Job and Job is silent before he says,  I’d heard about you before.  But now I’ve seen you.

vision trip to South Sudan

That’s how I felt.  I had read and studied, volunteered and heard.  But going made it real in a whole new way – and that’s changed everything.”

If you’re interested in traveling to South Sudan with us, please check out our vision trip FAQs (coming soon).  We encourage any of our ladies who feel compelled to serve on a trip to South Sudan to begin prayerfully exploring the possibility and then apply for an upcoming trip.