sis-ter ef·fect /sistər iˈfekt/ -  the transformation that occurs when a woman or girl expends some of her own creativity, time and energy to help positively affect the life of her sister only to find that life-giving change happened for her sister – and in herself

a hut in South Sudan
Sister Effect is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization that inspires women of the developed world to live out their faith in ways that help raise women and girls out of crushing poverty in South Sudan.

We’ve embraced a faith-based social entrepreneur kind of model to help bring clean water, community health, education, economic opportunity and orphan care to villages throughout South Sudan.

What does that look like?

It’s fairly simple although exceptionally beautiful.  It looks like ordinary, extraordinary women like you doing the things that they love to do -  the things they do every day – and then investing some of their results to effect lasting change.

Got questions?  Read on.  And then consider how you’ll join us in helping make poverty history for our sisters in South Sudan.

One more thing:  We’re aiming to raise our operating costs through endowment funding so that 100% of every donated dollar goes to our projects in South Sudan.