What’s the Sister Effect?

What’s the Sister Effect and How Does it Work?

sis-ter ef·fect /sistər iˈfekt/ –  the transformation that occurs when people and communities share something of themselves to help positively impact female life in South Sudan only to find that life changed for these sisters – and in themselves…

learn        care        take action        share

As you look through this site, you’ll get a good idea of what female life is like if you lived in South Sudan.  You’ll better understand some basic needs of women and girls there, and you’ll learn ways that you can help bring positive change to this new nation.  So we think that this learning and knowing their story is a great first step!

The next thing in the sister effect process is simply this: to care. Caring about our sisters in South Sudan can be the beginning of life change for them – and in you.  That’s because caring often moves us to take action.

Taking action will be unique for every sister or community who joins our work.  The way that you do your thing will often look different than the way another sister or sister team does their thing.  For the sister who loves to run with friends, planning a 5K might be her thing to do. Another group of sisters could make and sell jewelry or cupcakes…or host a themed university campus luncheon or dinner. The options are endless.

Once you’ve taken action, you can share what you’ve earned.  You can direct your offerings to give clean water, give better health, give economic opportunity or give hope (orphan and widow care).  Sister Effect focuses on these areas of need in South Sudan and you can donate your project or campaign earnings to an area or areas of your choice.

So the sister effect begins with learning and knowing.  That, we believe, inevitably leads to caring – and caring compels us to take action. And from our many and diverse actions, we’re able to share our offerings in ways that help transform life for our beautiful sisters in South Sudan.

Somewhere in this process, though, something else can happen.  Something that may unexpectedly render you amazed:  life as you know it may change. There’s something deeply altering about spending yourself rather than your available resources on behalf of those yet awaiting a future of hope and peace with justice. And it’s this unforeseen deep shift in you and in us that completes the sister effect.

There’s something deeply altering about spending yourself.