With a Grateful Heart…

Posted by on Nov 27, 2013

As this holiday season begins, I’m so grateful it does so with Thanksgiving. Not only is Thanksgiving my favorite holiday, it reminds me just how powerful is the heart overflowing with appreciation and gratitude.

“In everything, give thanks…,” God prompts us. In all circumstances, all life seasons. In times of light and laughter and wonder. In stretches where the music of our worlds grinds to a halt and everything around us fades to black. And in those infinite moments in between.


Being grateful matters. Choosing the way of thanksgiving sets us up to enjoy lives of contentment, lives focused on the abundance of God’s always-present goodness and grace. Because when we’re truly thankful, our perspectives change. We see all we we’ve been given, all we have within us to give. We realize the things of this life are passing. But people and relationships are lasting treasures. Before long, the thankful heart sees obstacles as God-opportunities. It celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of others. It overlooks imperfections. And it registers human suffering in our midst as a call to personal action because such a heart realizes God’s love for this world makes us a human family – and when one of us hurts or has unmet needs, coming alongside to help and empower is just and transformational for all.

I want to live a life like this, a life that stretches wide and deep to love wholly – both in local and global communities. I long to be full of thanks regardless of circumstances and seasons. And this Thanksgiving season reminds me of this and, among countless other blessings, how grateful I am to be serving alongside of incredible sisters and brothers like you as we work for peace and lasting change in South Sudan.

On a similar note, I want to be sure to invite you to our upcoming Give a Well, a time of thanksgiving and celebration on December 19th. Amid the holiday hustle and bustle, come rest in the company of friends – old and new, sample tasty treats, listen to live music, hear stories and even browse a little market for meaningful, last-minute gifts. Finally, remember with us the meaning of Christmas as we share the empowering gift of clean water with sisters across the world! Download the invitation card or click the image above, and plan to join us! 100% of Give a Well proceeds will be donated to bring clean water to a South Sudan village.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Our team couldn’t be more thankful for the privilege of serving our great God and loving others with you. Without doubt, our lives are far richer, more complete for being on this journey with you.

With love,

Elizabeth Hankins
Executive Director, Sister Effect

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